01. His [pension] when he retires will be approximately $800 a month.
02. The old man had to find a part-time job because his [pension] was not enough for him to live on.
03. Each month my employer matches my contribution to my [pension] plan, so I should have enough money when I retire to live comfortably.
04. We should start saving some money for the future because my [pension] won't be enough to support us when I retire.
05. If you retire before the age of 65, you will receive a reduced [pension].
06. Depending on the country, the age at which at person may draw a full [pension] ranges from 55 to 67 years of age.
07. In 1994, [pension] funds in Europe were estimated at about one trillion dollars.
08. In Austria, the [pension] insurance system has been reformed in order to raise the retirement age.
09. Janice has been receiving a disability [pension] ever since she broke her back in a car accident.
10. Despite her small [pension], my grandmother was always very generous with her grandchildren.
11. Will my wife still receive my [pension] if I die before her?
12. He contributes a small amount to his [pension] fund every month.
13. If I retire now, I will only receive about 65% percent of my [pension].
14. Politicians who serve at least 6 years in office receive a very generous [pension] upon retirement from politics.
15. In Finland, even those who have never had a job receive a [pension] when they reach the age of 65.
16. Denis Waitley once advised, "Chase your passion, not your [pension]."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

(from a government for past services), /

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